SHIKI Beverly Hills - Japanese Restaurant

Executive Chef


Mr. Shige Fujimoto started his career to become a chef as early as his high school age. He started as entry level, and continuously had trained in Daikoku-Sushi Restaurant for 5 years, and Kagiya Restaurant for 3 years. To pursue his dream of becoming a top chef in the World, Shige launched on United States, and started to build his carrier in LA where most diverse, rich customers are available.

Started from Tokyo Hibachi in 1986, moved on to Gessin, and World famous Matsuhisa Restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1994. Here in Matsuhisa, Shige’s talent was fully flourished as an “Omakase” Chef who creates the culinary art by using finest and best ingredients available of the day. He has been cherished by numerous celebrities, company executives, and superstars. Then he has moved to help profit suffering local restaurants, Shige and Irori from 2004-2007 where he had magically transformed those two dying restaurants into fully profitable premises. Then he moved to Asanebo Restaurant to meet another challenge. Since Shige moved in, Asanebo has been awarded “The best restaurant in LA” by Zagat rating, and earned Michelin star for two consecutive years. In 2014, Shige has teamed up with best food producer in LA, and he is challenging a whole new Restaurant business where he became a chief executive chef to push the culinary world into where no one ever accomplished before.

Head Chef


After training as a Japanese chef in Tokyo for years, in 1995 he moved to U.S. by himself. In Philadelphia, he worked for a sushi restaurant for 3 years, he moved to Los Angeles in 1998. In Los Angeles, he worked for Sushi Gen, and learned “Real Sushi” from the owner, Mr. Toshima. As a result of his talent and reputation, he was selected as an Executive chef at Itacho in 2009 through 2014. Moreover, his ambition pushed himself to seize higher achievement, he joined Shiki Beverly Hills as a Head chef, a right-hand man of Mr. Fujimoto in 2014.

Sushi Chef


After graduating from a chef school in Japan, he started his career as a chef at Nobu Tokyo in 2010.
To become a top chef, he applied to Mr. Fujimoto, an executive chef at SHIKI Beverly Hills, for being a pupil. In 2014, he came to U.S., and is still learning variety of concepts and techniques under the supervision of Mr. Fujimoto for his great goal.